Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment

Facing multiple hair problems at once? Looking for an affordable and effective treatment without the use of addictive chemicals? Are you looking into regaining your hair confidence, as well as your lush and silky hair? Good news! Bee Choo Origin might just have an ultimate solution for you!

Introducing Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment!

At Bee Choo Origin, our Herbal Cream are freshly made locally with all natural herbs and ingredients. Our herbal treatment not only helps in maintaining a healthy scalp, it is also beneficial for people facing several scalp issues such as:

All Natural Formula

Bee Choo Origin specially formulated Herbal Cream helps unclog pores, removing unwanted residues on your delicate scalp which would improve the absorption rate of nutrients for optimal hair growth. Besides the above, the Herbal Cream contains an abundance of nutrients which would help to tackle the hair problems you are facing while also aiding in rebalancing the PH level on your scalp to create a nutrient-filled environment for hair growth.

Interested in knowing some of the premium ingredients that we goes into the making of Bee Choo Origin Herbal Cream? Here we go!

1. Ginseng

Yes. Ginseng, you heard it right! At Bee Choo Origin, we don’t skimp on the quality of our natural ingredients despite our affordable pricing. Bringing only the best to you and resolving your hair problems with the best treatment in town. Hence, if you are an individual that is looking for natural remedies for hair growth, Ginseng is definitely one of the natural herbs you should be looking at! Ginseng contains a profusion of anti-ageing properties that help to reduce hair loss by increasing the number of dermal papilla cells in your scalp and preventing their natural cell death. Other than the above, Ginseng is also known to stimulate the scalp and encouraging new hair regeneration and growth!

2. Ling Zhi

Ling Zhi contains incredible natural properties that had been known since Chinese medicinal practices to prevent balding and is often used as a restorative tonic for your hair. Ling Zhi is also packed with anti-oxidants which helps to ease stress, reduce itchiness and combat free radicals which are the common cause for infections.

3. Dang Gui

Dang Gui is known as a blood tonic, and for good reason. The herb contains iron, a mineral associated with improved oxygen absorption in the bloodstream. Thus, the herb’s blood-boosting properties also mean nutrient-filled blood will reach your hair follicles and regulate your scalp immunity for optimal hair growth.

4. He Shou Wu

Troubled by the grey hair on your head? He Shou Wu to the rescue. This herb is widely used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to prevent ageing effects such as prematurely greying hair, earning it a rep as a ‘longevity tonic’. Furthermore, the amazing herb, He Shou Wu is also said to help restore hair pigmentation to its optimal condition!

Why Choose Bee Choo Origin?

Established in 2000, Bee Choo Origin Group had since set foot in more than 12 countries, providing high-quality herbal haircare solutions which had shown impeccable improvement of our customer’s scalps and hair growth. Unlike other scalp care businesses in Singapore, Bee Choo Origin aims to provide efficacious herbal hair treatment at affordable pricing as we believe that every individual deserves to have a head full of beautiful hair without having to pay out an incredible sum of money.

Interested in our herbal hair treatment at Bee Choo Origin?
Contact us today for more information at 6742 3033.

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