Most customers have the mindset that the scalp analysis can detect what is wrong with the scalp and the problem causing hair loss and other scalp issues, but they are greatly mistaken. Scalp analysis merely assists in the enlarged inspection of the scalp, which enables us to see the current hair condition i.e. clogged pores, oily scalp or dandruff etc. These observations might just be the symptoms, and not the problem.

In-dept study on a person’s eating habits and lifestyle are required to fully understand the hair problem.

Benefits of Treatment


Why choose Bee Choo Herbal Hair Treatment?

All our herbal pastes are freshly prepared daily in the factory to ensure freshness and quality. The precious herbs are cooked for hours in order to bring out the nutrients from the herbs which are essential in bringing back the health of your scalp.


How often should I come for treatment?

You should treat your hair once every 2 weeks depending on your hair condition. For those with very oily scalp and severe hair loss problem, you should treat your hair every week for the first 2 months to benefit from the intensive herbal reconditioning. Subsequently, you may treat your hair once every 2 weeks for another 2 months. Thereafter, you may follow our normal recommendation of treating your hair once every 2-3 weeks.


What results can I expect from the treatment?

Results vary from person to person depending on his/her scalp and hair condition, 80% of our customer see results in 2-3 months time. They see a reduction of hair loss in the first month of treatment and growth of baby hair during the second and third month of treatment. The remaining 20% customers take longer time, usually about 6-7 months due to other factors such as stress and insufficient nutrients in the body that delayed the process of hair growth.

Do's & Dont's . . .


What other program do I have to follow besides the treatment?

It is recommended that you should also:

* cut down on oily food
* get enough rest and sleep
* try not to stress yourself

All these factors can lead to hair loss. For more acute hair loss condition, you may seek Chinese physician to assist in controlling your hormonal imbalance that causes hair loss and at the same time try our herbal treatment to see a faster result.


I do not have hair loss problem, can I benefit from the treatment?

If you do not have hair loss or oily scalp problem, our treatment can also help cover grey hair, stimulate new hair growth and improve hair texture. It is also recommended for maintenance of your healthy scalp.


Before the herbal treatment, can I apply cream or hair serum at the hair ends?

Yes. Before the herbal treatment, we will apply olive oil at the hair ends to soften and protect the hair during the steaming process, thus applying serum or cream does not affect the herbal treatment.


Is this herbal treatment same as henna coloring?

Our treatment consists of many different herbal powders extracted from chinese herbs as well as natural plant extracts and our treatment paste is prepared fresh daily after long hours of cooking and mixing.

Whereas for henna, after you choose the desired colour, hot water, tea or coffee is added into the henna powder to form the henna paste.


Can I colour (chemical) my hair after the treatment?

Yes, but we do not recommend you to do it. The herbal elements will stay on your scalp for 2-3 weeks which makes it effective, thus chemical is unable to penetrate into the hair. We advise you to refrain from any coloring, perming, rebonding or performing any chemical process to your hair for at least 3 weeks. This is to allow the herbal ingredients to be fully absorbed into your scalp before doing any chemical process.


Do I need to wash my hair before the herbal treatment?

Do I need to wash my hair before the herbal treatment?

Even thought our herbal treatment is targeted to remove oil and dirt on the scalp. We will recommend for you to visit us without styling gel, wax or clay as it might affect the efficiency of the treatment. You may request for us to pre wash your hair for you before herbal treatment.
*Additional charges applies*


Is your treatment suitable for G6PD deficiency customers?

No, as we use a mixture of herbal powders and chinese herbs, our treatment consist of herbs that may not suitable to apply or for customers with G6PD deficiency to intake.

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