Our specially formulated Herbal Cream is made with 16 herbal ingredients including premium chinese herbs and herbal leaves extract which helps to unclog pores, effectively removing residues on the scalp. It provides abundance of nutrients to tackle these issues while promoting blood circulation so that our hair can grow in a nutrient-filled environment.

Bee Choo Origin believes that everyone deserves to have a head full of beautiful hair and this all begins from your scalp. At Bee Choo Origin, we strive to bring our services to you at an affordable price.


know more about four of our most premium herbal cream ingredients


The whole process takes about 90 minutes.Below are the various steps and process to give you a better understanding.


Application of ginger hair tonic on the scalp.

This step prepares your scalp for the following processes and for better absorption of nutrients from our herbal cream.


Application of 100% pure virgin olive oil onto hair ends.

This helps prevent and ease out split ends while improving hair condition for a smoother and shinier tress.


Application of our specially formulated Herbal Cream.

Applied onto the entire scalp and hair for maximum absorption of the herbal goodness.

Our original herbal treatment will cause a resultant colour of reddish orange on grey or light coloured hair. This is a result of your hair absorbing nutrients from the herbs that contains the colour naturally. As the hair quality of all customers differ, the resultant colour may vary. You may opt for colourless treatment should you wish to retain your original hair colour.


The steaming process takes around 45 minutes.

This helps open up your scalp pores to remove impurities and aid in absorption of the herbal ingredients into the scalp.


Wash & Blow

The herbal cream will be washed off, followed by a basic blow dry. Hair will be partially dry to maximize the absorption of nutrients for the next few hours after treatment.

* Due to Covid-19, customer are encourage to bring their own comb.

Your journey to a healthy scalp begins here.

Please approach our friendly staff for advice on the suitable treatment frequency and product for your scalp condition.

*Customer are strongly encouraged not to wear any jewelry such as earrings or necklace during the entire course of treatment. Please take note of all personal belongings at all times as we will not be liable for any damages or losses.

We provide complimentary scalp analysis at all Bee Choo Origin upon request.
Complimentary Scalp Analysis is available from Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

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